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Everyone loves a clean car, so we offer a variety of washes to fit everyone’s needs! All of our locations offer exceptional exterior washes using the best equipment and chemistry for an amazingly clean car. See which quick, clean, and convenient wash you are interested in and be sure to check out our monthly membership to save money!

Get the most convenient carwash here at Oasis Express Wash. Our bargain riptide wash comes with exactly what you need: a clean, dry, and happy car. This wash includes Rain Repellent, Tri-Color Conditioner, and Tire Shine all for one low price.


$19.99/mo Unlimited Washes

Our signature Oasis Hot Wax and Shine picks up where the riptide left off taking cleanliness and shine to the next level. This wash includes excellent tire and body cleaner, Tri-Color Conditioner, Rain Repellant, Bug Prep, Hot Wax, and Tire Shine.


$29.99/mo Unlimited Washes

The Big Kahuna is an awesome wash to get your vehicle shining again. Including our multi-step lava shield, hot wax, excellent tire and body cleaner, Tri-Color Conditioner, Rain Repellant, Bug Prep, and Tire Shine.


$34.00/mo Unlimited Washes

The High Tide wash offers the best overall protection and longest lasting shine. It has our awesome X3 Three Step Ceramic Coating with everything Oasis Express Wash has to offer for your vehicle’s exterior.


$39.99/mo Unlimited Washes

Unlimited Wash

All Month Long

We have 3 membership options that offer you the best value for your money and are available at all of our locations. Come to Oasis Express Wash and see the difference trusting a local company makes.


Get the DJ’s Full-Service Experience!

From a quick interior cleanup to a full-detail, at DJ’s you can find the people to get it done right. Our interior cleanup starts at just $10 when added to your wash at our Stuart location. For a more in depth detailing, please contact us for pricing.